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Here is a brainy quote by Donny:

What’s a pederast, Walter?


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Big Lebowski Quotes – Is There Really a Big Lebowski Quote For Every Lebowski Movie?
Big Lebowski Quotes can help in giving you insight into the movie. There are many great ones that will give you insight into the characters, and help you understand the film’s theme. The movie is about the man who is addicted to smoking, so the character is so open about his addiction that it is hard to not be able to relate to him. He also has a very distinct sense of humor and goes by a slang term that is known as the Lebowski Map.

One of the movies favorite actor is also the least liked one. This includes both of the famous movie’s actors, and Lebowski himself. The movie is set in the present day, but is based on the Old West, and they have similarities in the way that the characters move. This allows for some of the Lebowski quotes to relate. Most of the characters talk about something outside of the movie theater or the bar they are at. Other quotes relate to the movie itself, and those who love the movie will surely enjoy them.

Big Lebowski Quotes often finds a lot of fans of the movie. There are even some people who collect them, so they can learn a lot from them. The majority of the quotes relate to their love of the movie, but others might be a little out there. However, if you don’t find a specific quote that you are looking for, then try searching the internet for someone that has it. You can also search for popular quotes and perhaps find some inspiration from them. In addition, you might be surprised at how many big lebowski quotes there are out there. As long as you keep an open mind, you can find them or find something new to add to your collection.


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Let’s have the quote again: What’s a pederast, Walter?