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Here is a encouraging quote by The Dude:

Hey, nice marmot.

The Dude

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List of Great Big Lebowski Quotes
The Big Lebowski is a movie that I have seen and enjoyed many times, yet I am always amazed at some of the quotes that are included in that movie. At times, I would think that it is one of those movies that has endless meanings and things that could be taken from it. A large number of fans, myself included have gone to the movie several times just to hear that perfect line or quote from The Dude. Some of the great Big Lebowski quotes include; “It’s all good”. This is one of the great lines from The Big Lebowski. It is also said by the Dude in the bathroom and is used to great effect.

The Dude is a huge nerd that loves smoking pot and never reads anything. One of my favorite lines is: “I am not aware of anything”. It could be said that this is a great line that is used by the Dude. The movie itself is also full of great line and words that will bring about a smile to your face. The comedy and the dialogue are really great and will leave you laughing through the entire movie. Many of the quotes were also improvised on set.

There are also some really wonderful books written about The Big Lebowski that cover many of the quotes and other aspects of the movie. When I was watching the movie last night, I was amazed at how many of the lines that the characters spoke were their actual thoughts. The characters and the movie were amazing. I had no idea about what the movie was about or what characters I would meet. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die.


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Let’s have the quote again: Hey, nice marmot.