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Here is a happy quote by The Dude:

Obviously you’re not a golfer.

The Dude

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Are You Having Fun? Read About the Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski is the most complicated movie ever made. It’s both a satire of movies as well as a western. The Big Lebowski is based on the graphic novel from which it is derived. It has become a cult classic, one that is still talked about to this day. There are a number of books and other materials from which the movie is adapted. There are the short films, the movies, the stage play, the comic books, and so on.

Just like any other cartoon movie, the main idea behind the Big Lebowski is that life has a funny way of passing you by. You might think you’re looking at the best time in your life, but it turns out to be nothing but a smoke screen. When you finally realize the joke, you find yourself in some unknown yet familiar place with a familiar stranger who turns out to be a drug dealer. The way things end up is as predictable as it is funny. However, as ridiculous as it sounds, it is still funnier than most comedies or action movies ever made.

The Big Lebowski is an addicting movie. There are certain scenes that will leave you laughing till you almost throw up and even though there is no shooting, there is a lot of foul language. If you don’t watch movies for the jokes, you’ll be very disappointed. You should also know that there is a lot of nudity in the movie. It is a shock to the system when you discover that the most sexy, beautiful woman in the world is being flogged by her owner. So, if you have a hard time getting through serious movies, this is probably the one for you.


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Let’s have the quote again: Obviously you’re not a golfer.