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Here is a happy quote by Marty the Zebra:

Marty the Zebra: Excuse me, you’re biting my butt!
Alex the Lion: No I’m not.
Marty the Zebra: Yes you are!

Marty the Zebra

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Marty the Zebra is a cute baby African Lion cub that was rescued from a death trap and cared for by The White Lion Sanctuary in Macon, Georgia. When the original owner found out that this adorable little creature was the mother of a tiger cub, she surrendered the cub to the sanctuary. I love the story of this little guy. He was born at 4 weeks old, after a gestation period of nearly 3 months. While he is healthy and is doing well at his new home, the sanctuary needs more help getting him to a larger location. The shelter needs a more secure area to house him in. Since it will need a larger area for him to move around, they will be applying for a grant from the USDA Wildlife Services Division to help them purchase the needed equipment.

In addition to being able to give farm animals the dignity and respect they deserve, a zoo setting also allows you to see wildlife in a whole new light. Our country has lost so much to the development and encroachment into our local land, yet we still have so many wonderful wild creatures still roaming our country. You can observe their lifestyles as they live amongst the same humans as you do. And watching animals interact with each other has been proven to improve their well being, especially in an orphaned setting like a zoo.

The biggest challenge to making Marty the Zebra a success is ensuring that his fragile physical integrity does not deteriorate and fall prey to predators or injury. It is also important to let his new home know that he is still “home.” It takes years for a captive lion to develop a colony of his own. These animals will often settle on their own and refuse to socialize with the other animals in the cage. If you are interested in helping out in this little lion’s life, you can donate to his new home.


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Let’s have the quote again: Marty the Zebra: Excuse me, you’re biting my butt!
Alex the Lion: No I’m not.
Marty the Zebra: Yes you are!