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Shut up Spalding!

Alex the Lion

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All kids will love the Madagascar TV show. This popular kid’s cartoon is one of the most popular kids shows in the world. From its early days it has been on the air and has been a hit on every channel available. In fact, this show has a growing number of fans who watch it at least weekly to keep up with all the adventures that are taking place.

One of the best parts about this show is that there are no cut-offs in the cartoon because the events are all set in Madagascar. There are different themes for each episode that is set in Madagascar, and it seems like all the stories are set in the beautiful island that is home to the adventures of the main characters of the show. Some of the themes that are used in the episodes include animals, gender, family, and much more. The kids will learn about gender as they watch the show, since in Madagascar, men and women are treated differently. There are many characters that make up the family that all the children in the show love to watch.

Another great thing about the Madagascar TV show is that the producers make it very entertaining. You will see how the producers use music, sounds, and funny sound effects as they show the different episodes. The music is mostly instrumental and used to help keep the mood of the kids entertained. The sound effects are used often as they are often seen in the various scary scenes that take place in the show. The theme songs are very catchy and are perfect for setting the mood of the entire show. The Madagascar TV show is available on DVD in many different versions, and it will be just perfect for your children.


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Let’s have the quote again: Shut up Spalding!