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[shows dead human] Don’t you just love the people… Not a very lively bunch though.

King Julien

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Madagascar is the largest and most beautiful country in Africa. It is one of the world’s newest and last tropical island, it was discovered by a European explorer while sailing in the Red Sea, who named it after the Queen of Sheba, in commemoration of his voyage to the Land of Elephants, which are the biggest variety of elephant’s in the world. The country is very different from the others, mainly due to its huge size, beautiful landscapes and a fascinating history. Madagascar is regarded as a natural sanctuary for hippos and giraffes, therefore tourists can also see various interesting animal species. Therefore, if you are planning to go backpacking, the countries all around Madagascar will be a good option, besides Great Britain, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, etc. This trip will give an opportunity to explore different cultures and people, including the Roman Catholic Church and the historical attractions. There are many places that the tourists can visit in Madagascar like the “Tourist” part of the country, where the ancient historical landmarks and beautiful beaches, beaches known for their tropical climate, Jacara, where tourism is prevalent and also Cuvette bay, where commercial and sea shipping is done.

King Julien Palace is the main attraction of the country and this is considered as the capital of the country. King Julien is the president of the kingdom, which is a unique thing, which is in the class of Royalty in Africa. This palace is situated on a site in the heart of the capital city of Madagascar, which has the unusual architecture and beautiful gardens, which are located in the magical and tropical climate. This Palace, which is one of the most famous cities in the world, has different structures that represent different eras of King Julien. In the midst of the palace are the statues of King Julien and his brothers, which provide the visitors with an opportunity to admire the grace and beauty of the man.

Leuva Beach is one of the famous tourist attractions in Madagascar, which is located in the interior of the country. There are some temples which are built in the vicinity of the beach and tourists are able to watch the temples and the unique architectural structure. Madiba Palaces and Centar Thebes are also very famous places where tourists are able to visit.


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Let’s have the quote again: [shows dead human] Don’t you just love the people… Not a very lively bunch though.