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“You can’t “Throw me to the wolves” – They come when I call.”

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The quote “To throw me to the wolves,” has been attributed to a St. Augustine, but this is just a rumor. It was the first fourteenth century poet, John Milton who most definitely used it in one of his poems, “Desolation.” The reference to the quotation is often made when the person who just joined the bible study group is suddenly asked to share her testimony about what the bible actually says. This usually occurs in a church setting, such as at a Sunday school reunion.

In one of the scriptures, it is said that those who walk in their sight will find rest, and will have the desire to continue. The quote says that it is not easy to walk in our Father’s eye. The love that the scripture wants from us is exactly the same love that the love of the family wants for its children. When we are led by the Spirit of God, then it is easy to follow Christ into new and exciting ways. The love for the people in the world should be every time we want to show it to others, whether we do it by word or by wordless action.

I would like to think that we all have the desire to help others to do the things that will bring them happiness. We don’t like the feeling of being led by the Spirit, because that might mean that we are to blindly follow a leader who doesn’t have the passion for life itself. If you are interested in following your heart, you should ask the Lord to open your eyes. Just say, I follow you, and I will walk in your way, until I come home again. I am certain that you can see that this is what the scripture is saying. You must walk in love, as you follow Christ, to walk with Him.


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Let’s have the quote again: “You can’t “Throw me to the wolves” – They come when I call.”