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Don’t say “Why they pain”, don’t say “Why me”. Say “TRY ME!”

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I was at the beach yesterday with a bunch of friends and we were talking about Wolf. We all agreed that while Wolf is fun, it’s nothing like Blizzard and their method is very entertaining and engaging. All of us except for one person thought that Wolf was a kind of MMORPG in and of itself. And to add to this thought, they all felt that the multiplayer in Wolf was really fun to play. But some of them felt that the single player game wasn’t so great either, and were not sure why that was. Well, to be fair to the single player game, it is still more than enjoyable as any one of us has said.

The single player game in Wolf is a pretty simple one. You will be battling through levels of enemies from the Pandaria series of games, which are pretty easy. The game also features a storyline that leads you on an adventure in the Far East, which is pretty interesting. But the way I like it best is because there is a support team that follows your character through all of his/her adventures. They can tell you if you are doing well or if you are getting screwed over.

The gameplay in Wolf is not very complex, but it’s really very fun. It doesn’t require you to have an incredible PC to play the game, and with its mouse and keyboard controls, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game without having to get a lot of game knowledge out of it. The graphics are very nice, and the animations are great too. There is a lot to enjoy in Wolf. And, if you are planning on buying this game, I strongly suggest that you purchase it after checking out the Wolf quotes. They are really entertaining and provide a lot of value.


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Let’s have the quote again: Don’t say “Why they pain”, don’t say “Why me”. Say “TRY ME!”