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Look into my eyes and you will see how bad I want it!

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If you can look into my eyes, you will be a better person. Everyone seems to have that belief in them but have no idea how to take action. All of our actions depend on how we look at them. Even if we don’t see the results of our actions, we know it is a part of the process. I believe, looking into my eyes is a key to the results we desire. People see the energy and belief in those eyes that could make or break their hopes and dreams. It is a powerful tool.

You may have thought that you can’t get any closer to that goal than how you are now. The truth is that there is nothing you can do, that’s why your actions are not moving you anywhere. This is your mind, your deepest desires and fears and even the most painful emotions you will ever experience. What if you had no fear or were not afraid to face your darkest emotions. The feeling of who you truly are and what you were really looking for would consume you and open your eyes. That would be one hell of a message and you wouldn’t want to ignore it.

So now you know that once you can get a hold of that feeling, you can control the next step of getting to where you want to be. Of course, it can’t be a destination point, it would be too early. So you have to start out with an “Aha” moment and a real desire to take the next step. There are so many people who just want to jump from step to step, never getting anywhere. And that’s OK. Just use your eyes to get to the next level of success.


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Let’s have the quote again: Look into my eyes and you will see how bad I want it!