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Well, I’d say give your balls a tug, but it looks like yer pants are doin’ it for ya.


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After the kids have played the board game with you, it’s a great idea to have a long chat with them about letters. They’ll never stop enjoying it, so why not keep playing it for a bit before getting on with other things. I love the fact that you can carry it around with you – there are so many occasions when it would be handy to be able to read letters from our loved ones. However, if you buy Letterkenny online you can also make sure that it arrives in the correct packaging. If you’re buying from eBay, it’s essential that you buy from an eBay seller who has been around for a while and is well known.

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Let’s have the quote again: Well, I’d say give your balls a tug, but it looks like yer pants are doin’ it for ya.