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Here is a leadership quote by Goose:

“The list is long but distinguished.”


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Top Gun Quotes
Top Gun Quotes will make you laugh out loud on the page. Don’t be a wimp and enjoy the humor of these guys. I know many people who are fans of Top Gun Quotes, as they’re funny, and have been around for years.

When I heard about Top Gun Quotes, I was reminded of when I heard about The Last Unicorn or Spirited Away. I love the stories behind the characters, and I can see myself enjoying the stories even more in years to come. From there, I thought it would be a good idea to find some Top Gun Quotes and put them up online for my readers to enjoy. If you like the ones I have, you can find others online if you search for them.

One of the jokes that is probably the most popular, but also one of the most famous lines is “Godzilla can’t shoot straight!” The joke with this quote is that there are a lot of ways Godzilla could shoot straight, such as, using his breath, to do a side spin, or simply blowing by the object in front of him and shooting through it. But he cannot shoot straight, so he would simply shoot the object in front of him, that way the object would not get hurt. Another funny line is “He will never shoot down a rabbit, because he has no sense of direction!” This is because of the fact that this is how birds fly, as they follow a trail that is always in their left. In other words, a bird follows a wing on the left as it moves back and forth in the sky. These lines are very entertaining and can help you relax on a Saturday afternoon while you watch your favorite movie.


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Let’s have the quote again: “The list is long but distinguished.”