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Here is a happiness quote by Carole:

Take Me To Bed Or Lose Me Forever


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When you are looking for the best Top Gun quotes online, you have to know that they are always made up of a lot of stories, which is why they get many views and people telling others how much fun they had. The fact that Top Gun is such a huge success all over the world is just a part of the reason for it. You see, people really seem to enjoy this movie when they go to see it at the cinema. It really seems to be one of those movies that people are talking about in quite a number of ways.

In order to find out what the real stories behind these Top Gun quotes are, you should start to browse the internet. There are many sites online that offer an interesting amount of information on a variety of movies and this one was no different. The way that some of the stories worked is that there were actually two sets of characters, the main characters of the film and the supporting characters, which is why the two main characters were the ones who were mostly discussed.

The most interesting thing about these Top Gun quotes is that while you were reading them, you were probably thinking of all of the real life situations that these two men faced. You would be surprised to know just how interesting this is to the people who are watching the movie. It makes for quite a good conversation piece if you are having it with your friends.


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Let’s have the quote again: Take Me To Bed Or Lose Me Forever