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Here is a encouraging quote by Jester:

That Was Some Of The Best Flying… Until You Got Killed


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Top Gun Quotes
The top gun quotes are getting the attention of most modern day shooters. A top gun quote is the equivalent of a top bullet; the higher the velocity, the better it will do. Guns come in many different varieties and shapes; the top gun quotes cover the three main ones that every shooter should know about. But what are these top gun quotes? What are their meaning and how do you use them to your advantage?

First off, the top gun quotes are the facts about gun safety. This is something that the average person should know about. Though it is a difficult subject, anyone can easily learn about this without even needing to leave the house. The more you shoot, the more you learn and the more you realize that guns are not always as safe as they would seem to be. As for the top gun quotes, the main part of the top gun quotes is “Never take a single shot without first reading the instructions”. The reason why you should always read the instructions is because if you don’t, then you could cause injury or death to another person.

One of the other main points of the top gun quotes is “Always keep safety in mind”. Shooting is considered a dangerous sport; therefore, it is important that you keep safety in mind at all times. Do not allow your adrenaline rush to blind you; instead, make sure that you are properly trained before you start. Most guns today are designed to be fired from a distance; this is why it is important that you never fire one of these guns from a close range. Never stop breathing when you are firing; just hold your breath for a few seconds until the gun is out of your sights. If you are constantly reading the top gun quotes, you will not only learn the information that you need to know, but you will also become much safer as well.


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Let’s have the quote again: That Was Some Of The Best Flying… Until You Got Killed