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Here is a kindness quote by Maverick:

Sorry, Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower.


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Top Gun Quotes
The Top Gun movie that was written and directed by Tom Cruise is still a popular movie among many people today. It was directed by Cruise and starred him and his best friend, Scott Glenn. In the movie, they play their roles as pilot and gunner of a plane in the World War II. There were actually a lot of incidents that happened in the movie that you should remember because of it has given several lessons to those who made it.

The quotes of Top Gun are so popular among its viewers because of its outstanding style of acting and of course, its dialogue and lyrics, which were written by one of the most famous songwriters of the era. There were actually two different movies that were based on the theme of gun control. The first one, The Painted Bird was a war movie that had Tom Cruise and his friend, Scott Glenn, in the lead roles. This movie was also very popular because of the hilarious scenes in the movie. The sequel to this movie was The Line. This movie has also been very successful and one of the reasons for its success is the movie’s opening lines. There were also some lines that were used by Tom Cruise which was really funny and a perfect fit for the movie.

Among all these, one of the most famous Top Gun quotes that were given by Tom Cruise is the line, “I was once again ready to die.” This was what he said at the beginning of the movie. This quote was used to express how he felt when he was really tired of flying and thought about how he would die. You can also find this quote on some of Tom Cruise’s posters and prints which were distributed around the world. You can find these on many websites today and also in several stores that sell memorabilia, books and posters.


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Let’s have the quote again: Sorry, Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower.