I feel the need… the nee… – Maverick Quote

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Here is a strength quote by Maverick:

I feel the need… the need for speed!


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Top Gun Quotes
There are various versions of the Top Gun Quotes and the one that is the most famous and widely used one is of course the “Rocky” quote. But it would be a huge mistake to overlook the other quotes from the movie like the ones from the crew and the actor himself. These are some of the Top Gun Quotes that should really be remembered by everyone who saw this movie. There are also some aspects of the movie that are very important. Therefore, these quotes should not be forgotten but should be incorporated in as many of your movies as possible.

The first one of the Top Gun Quotes is actually the most prominent one and it has to do with the aircraft’s performance. The plane performs well in maneuvers and it is not overloaded during flight. They are completely stable and it shows just how good the plane is. The fighter plane is said to be more efficient because of its ability to perform a wide variety of maneuvers. In addition, the fighter plane is capable of performing at a much higher altitude than an airplane. It is the best fighter aircraft that the United States Air Force has ever had.

Another one of the Top Gun Quotes is the one about the two fighter pilots. They are said to be the best fighters of their time. They both wear high rank insignia and they go their own ways. They are not on a mission to keep each other company. In fact, they think they are in a movie but they do not recognize the real life situation. They are part of the entire action because they have joined together to fly the plane. They work as a team to achieve their objectives.


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Let’s have the quote again: I feel the need… the need for speed!