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Here is a happiness quote by Pvt. J.T. ‘Joker’ Davis:

The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

Pvt. J.T. ‘Joker’ Davis

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Full Metal Jacket Quotes
Full Metal Jacket quotes are very famous when it comes to war movies, they are the most popular among all types of media and books. The reason behind this is that it features very authentic combat scenes as well as the human characters involved. Many people cite this particular film as one of the most realistic movies ever made and it is a must see for every movie buff.

The story line of Full Metal Jacket revolves around a group of soldiers. There is a close connection between the two main characters and it really portrays what these soldiers go through. The world that the film creates is very believable as the soldiers are bombarded with violence and killing on a daily basis. This film is more than just a movie and can be viewed in many schools and colleges in order to teach the importance of fighting for what you believe in. The movie also shows the human side of the movie making the viewers understand the harshness of war and the sacrifices made by the soldiers.

A lot of the Full Metal Jacket quotes are real life stories which happens in real life. It is a true story that can never be possible to be depicted in other films or in other types of media. For example, the quote “She died for me and I died for her” is an example of this. These stories are the reason why the movie is so popular and why these quotes are so memorable. To create an insight into the war, the quotes are very relevant as well as inspirational for the viewers. These quotes are also presented in various mediums as well such as books, DVDs, newspapers and radio shows.


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Let’s have the quote again: The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.