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Here is a encouraging quote by Belle:

I want much more than this provincial life.


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Beauty and the Beast Quote – The Movie is a Great One
Many people say that Beauty and the Beast is one of the best movies ever. It will definitely give you a good laugh from the time you first watch it until the time it is over. In fact, it has been called one of the most beautiful and the most compelling love story ever told. I am not surprised to hear that since the movie is well known all over the world.

There are lots of Beauty and the Beast quotes that will surely make you have a good laugh. This movie was so great because it featured such good acting. Many of the actors who played the roles have the ability to make anyone fall in love with them. Although the story line was a bit predictable, the characters were still able to carry the movie without getting any annoying lines. They just had to come up with something new and exciting.

There are many, Beauty and the Beast quotes out there and people love to read them. Some of them are quite funny but others are also well-thought-out observations. To say that this movie is a great movie is not to say that it is a bad movie. I think that it is a movie that everyone should see. There are some very good things about this movie and you will certainly find a number of Beauty and the Beast quotes that will really stand out.


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Let’s have the quote again: I want much more than this provincial life.