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Here is a happiness quote by Beast:

“I never felt this way about anyone. I wanna do something for her.”


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Beauty and the Beast Quote
Beauty and the Beast quotes will make your day. They will also help you in trying to cope with some emotions that you may be experiencing. The movie features Belle and her son, who is called Beast. He has a deep love for Beauty and when he saves her from the clutches of Gaston, she falls in love with him. You can do a lot of things like listening to the story to cheer yourself up and looking at some beauty and the beast quotes so that you can understand what the story means to you.

Beauty and the Beast quotes are said by a number of characters in the movie. For example, Gaston’s mother, let’s call her “Mme. LeBeau” is one of the famous characters who gives beauty and the beast quotes. She is also described as a beautiful lady and a very kind and loving woman. Her quote is this: Beauty has its price and has a price.

Belle and her friends also use beauty and the beast quote to help themselves through the sorrows in their lives. One of the characters is the evil villain, Gaston. He is the King of the Fairies and a charming character who love Beauty. He is always thinking about Beauty and how he can make her fall in love with him. He tells Beauty that he will allow the curse to be broken only if she is with him. Once Beauty falls in love with him, she is no longer a human and becomes a fairy and therefore cannot fall in love with another human being. He calls this as “the price of beautiful.”


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Let’s have the quote again: “I never felt this way about anyone. I wanna do something for her.”