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Here is a short quote by Deadpool:

So what’s it going to be, sullen silence or mean comment?


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Deadpool Quotes
As a Deadpool fan I want to know what the different Deadpool quotes are, so I look up different Deadpool quotes online, and then I see that there are different Deadpool quotes to choose from, which one would I pick? Like I want to know what the right quote is to use for my Deadpool costume, so my Deadpool is going to be the best dressed of all! So if you know Deadpool, where do you find these quotes, and why do they say what they say, and what are the differences between all the different Deadpool quotes? I want to know this too!

Thanks in advance for your help! I am interested in the different speeches that Deadpool might make, but there are not enough for me to even try out all of them. I am sure there are, and Deadpool could very well say the whole speech one time, but we all know he’s not like that at all, and I know he does not say everything he says.

Thanks for your help, if I can find out what a Deadpool quote is I will know exactly what I am going to dress up as, and I might even think that Deadpool is the greatest guy ever! I do love Deadpool, and he’s a great character, he’s one of my favorites and I love dressing up as him. I am sure you can understand what I mean when I say he’s not a one liner kind of guy, but there are plenty of character traits that make him a great guy, which makes dressing up as him so much fun. If you have any Deadpool quotes that you want to share I will be so happy to read them, or even pick them out. I think he’d be so excited to know how much of a fan I am of him, and I’ll buy anything with a Deadpool quote on it.


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Let’s have the quote again: So what’s it going to be, sullen silence or mean comment?