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Here is a change quote by Brennan:

You’re not a doctor. You’re a big fat curly-headed f*ck.


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Step Brothers Quotes
Step Brothers has been in the entertainment industry for a while now and with the high level of success, so much so that there have been quotes for this movie. Most of these quotes are from actresses in the film that you would recognize such as Jennifer Aniston and Zachary Quinto. A few of the others may be a little out of the ordinary, but they definitely have something to do with the drama and heart behind this blockbuster hit. If you’re not familiar with this movie, then the following is a good way to get started.

The first of the Step Brothers quotes that I have seen was from Wesley Snipes, who plays the role of Phil Daniels. He stated, “This will be my last leading man role. This is my last chance to show people that I can still kick your ass. My career is just beginning.” It’s a great quote because it’s all about the work ethic and how the character has not only learned how to kick some butt, but he has shown that he can be a leader as well. Even if the movie is about a brother and sister, both having different opinions and skills, they both still work together and fight together and even kill off each other one way or another.

Another quote that stands out in the movie is from Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Jason Patric, “This is a family film and, in order to really create a true family, you need to have a father and a mother, siblings and friends.” You can’t deny that this is what the movie is about, and I’m sure you’ve noticed as well. All of the main characters of the movie really are trying to live up to their family name and help each other achieve their goals. So when you’re watching the movie, think about what your family is like and think about what it would be like to be a part of this big family that you’ve created.


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Let’s have the quote again: You’re not a doctor. You’re a big fat curly-headed f*ck.