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Alas, I am dying beyond my means.

Oscar Wilde

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Oscar Wilde, who died in 1900, was once thought to be a sodomite. That is, he was very open with his homosexual advances. He once said to an acquaintance, “I’m not gay, I’m a sodomite.” At least that is what his ex-friend thought. It is true that he was always very confident and talked a big game, which indicated a considerable level of self-confidence. He also had the disposition of a grand master and a courteous nature.

It is said that Oscar Wilde was more than happy to be courted by powerful and wealthy men because he knew he could get what he wanted out of the deal. The simple truth of the matter is that he just could not seem to win people over. Nevertheless, Oscar Wilde made a living selling sex. It is interesting to note that if you will look back at the speeches Oscar Wilde wrote about this, you will see that they were all about how all the powerful men of the time could not be trusted. Oscar Wilde may have gotten rid of the homosexuality issue by stating that he was just in love with the women and he did not have any sexual desires for the men. Of course he would have been wrong of course. Because we all know he was the same old Oscar Wilde that many of us have known.

Oscar Wilde’s last years were a dismal one. He became sick and had trouble breathing. He would breathe deeply and then say, “Oh God, what now?” We should consider this in 2020.


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Let’s have the quote again: Alas, I am dying beyond my means.